Co-op Projects In-Progress

Below are all of the projects that are currently in-progress by Versus Co-op collaborators.

Ninjew Saves Hanukkah 
Collaboration Started: Nov. 2011
Collaborators: Reese Holland, Kristen Robertson

Ninjew must save Hanukkah from the dastardly Holiday Snatchers! This game is meant to fill the year-to-year lack of Hanukkah-themed games, as well as to explore multiple formats of gameplay. This project is being made with StencylWorks.

Early versions of "Ninjew Saves Hanukkah" have been uploaded to MochiGames, Kongregate, and Newgrounds. There is still plenty of work to be done, but the current playable version is quite enjoyable! Click over to the "Ninjew Saves Hanukkah" tab to play now!

Concept art is available for viewing at the Howling Wolf Art blog.

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